Tiny Trainwrecks is OUT! YOU CAN PLAY IT!

Oh no! The train is out of control! The only thing you and your fellow engineers can do is take all this spare track that’s in the back of the locomotive for some reason and lay it as fast as you can!

Tiny Trainwrecks is a frantic co-op game of hand management where you and 1-4 of your friends maneuver a runaway train around an obstacle course you make yourself with everyday things. It’s the perfect game to play while:

  • Waiting for your food at a restaurant
  • Some of your friends are playing a long game and you want to annoy them by moving a little train around on their board
  • On a train (obviously)

And now: You can buy it, right here!

Logo and game art by Jennilee Truong!
Logo and game art by Jennilee Truong!

Tiny Trainwrecks: The Only Game About Trains Ever Made And If You Disagree Fight Me IRL