Introducing: Tiny Trainwrecks: EVEN TINIER EDITION

Tiny Trainwrecks was a great game, but you know what the problem was? That’s right, NOT TINY ENOUGH.

Phantom Knight Games is proud to present Tiny Trainwrecks: Even Tinier Edition! The same great game but now on smaller cards!

Tiny Trainwrecks: Even Tinier Edition
New cards are on the bottom!

While the old edition of Tiny Trainwrecks was on poker-sized cards, the new one is printed on DriveThruCards’ 1.625″ by 2.5″ ‘mini’ size. Even Tinier Edition is perfect for small tables and cramped spaces!

You can buy Even Tinier Edition at GaymerX this weekend; look for us at table 1! It’ll be available online within the next few weeks. Good luck and don’t wreck the train!Tiny Trainwrecks: Even Tinier Edition